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Services will be available
from Monday to Friday
10am - 6pm (GMT+1)

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Casadei Showroom Milano

Via dell’ Annunciata 2, Milan



“Like my stores, the new showroom has been designed as the quintessential wardrobe. I like to think of it as a stage with the woman at the centre and the shoes spotlighted around her, like theatre actors in their appointed roles, but where the performance involves both the actors and the audience: the admired and the admiring”.


This is Cesare Casadei’s vision of the new Milan showroom, the brand’s premier Italian showcase, which has just been restyled according to a concept where each product is displayed as if making its solo debut on the world stage.


In the seamless juxtaposition of diverse elements, a creative hallmark of all Casadei creations, the sculptural and palatial marble of the Botticino Classico floor is offset by the natural warmth of the Afromosia wood-panelled walls with their distinctive herringbone motif.


The shoes recline on white leather benches, cast reflections as they stand proudly on mirrored pedestals, and pose gracefully on wide shelves with polished stainless steel borders, set in spatial dimensions that leave no room for distraction. A theatre of opposites where the contrast of matt and shiny surfaces creates the aesthetic context.


An open and airy space where no curtains steal the light from the large windows that overlook the tree-lined gardens of Via Palestro, light that is then amplified by the mirrored ceiling of the showroom, heightening the perception of the images in an ambience of natural luminosity.