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Services will be available
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Hedonism. Global pop. Raw couture. The crystallised essence of the 1980s returns to infuse a new spirit of contemporary verve into the Casadei Spring/Summer 2017 Collection.


Freedom. Colour. Daring. The 1980s theatre of fashion revolutionises the female foot. It’s a fantasy that glides from the futuristic visions of Blade Runner into cyberspace to conquer the realm of the internet and social media. Replicant black and neon brights. Ridley Scott’s surreal Tokyo and cutting-edge website banners. Blade heels snake up the back of the foot in a seamless mirrored techno whole. Like flashing LEDs, bows and loops of Brazil green, canary yellow, petrol blue and fuchsia candy turn legs into shimmering towers of seduction. Leather that glints like the metallic skin of a robot is transformed by hand-cut and hand-sewn labours of love into sandals and platform shoes as hypnotic as the neon lights of an imaginary metropolis.


Each meets every. The unity of extremes replaces the void. The confluence of cultural citations forms a river without beginning or end. Rock python alternates with hi-gloss fuchsia or yellow. Karung snakeskin makes a dramatic comeback, playing its role as an icon of the 1980s on a stunning new stage. The black and gold links of the Casadei chain logo bond with the leg like a tattoo, or reveal their three-dimensional dynamics in the new ‘See Now, Buy Now’ capsule collection. It’s a chaos of creativity that knows no bounds, follows no rules, it only wants to coalesce. With worlds, with inspirations, with new equilibriums.


Neutral infinities. All the non-colour colours. Stone, dust, sand, desert, earth. The myriad nuances of a natural idea, where ancient metals illuminate places frequented only by the opacity of snakeskins. The fisherman’s net becomes the couture of interlaced intrigue, where crochet finds its ideal expression in the hands of Italy’s master artisans. The sculpture effect continues the theme on new heels that are mini-masterpieces of design, deceptively slender and lithe from the side, solidly triangular and impressive from the rear.


Casadei debuts their first ever jewellery collection, in collaboration with the designer Ilenia Corti. Presented during the Milan Spring/Summer 2017 fashion week, the collection CASADEI BY ILENIA CORTI unites the creativity of two Italian designers as they embark on a new adventure of fine craftsmanship and excellence.

“Jewels have always been a source of inspiration for the Casadei collections, reinterpreting them through our most precious creations. When we had the idea of fusing these two worlds, the decision of collaborating with Ilenia Corti was immediate and natural for me. Due to the fact that we have worked together in the past, our energy and creativity was in tune. The feminine aesthetic of Ilenia’s creations and the passion for her work are two aspects that we have in common and that unite us in this journey,” says Cesare Casadei, Creative Director of Casadei.

“The project CASADEI BY ILENIA CORTI  represents for me a dream come true. I always had the desire to blend together my true passions, jewels and shoes, in one harmonious fusion. I am pleased to have collaborated with Cesare, thus  enabling us to combine the sixty year heritage that defines both our entities, creating something unique and very special and expressing the artisan quality of Made in Italy,” says Ilenia Corti.

Inspired by the theatrical grandeur and boundary breaking visions of 1980s French couture, the CASADEI BY ILENIA CORTI collection captures the ferocious and gentle duality of the Amazon rainforest in hyperreal detail. It is a mix of flora and fauna with orchids, venomous frogs, tropical foliage, climbing monkeys and carnivorous plants to portray the beauty and the beasts of nature.

It’s the dream that becomes an accessory.

The collection features necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. Meticulous work of master goldsmiths can be seen in the custom made silver bracelet with rhinestones, precious stones and enameled details created by the maison Santagostino di Valenza.

Casadei is pleased to announce the opening of its London flagship store at 48 Albemarle Street, Mayfair.

The distinctive design concept created by Cesare Casadei in collaboration with architect Marco Costanzi for the Milan and Rome boutiques, has been developed for this new 120 square metre boutique.

The store has been developed across two areas, finished with hardwood flooring framed with peach blossom marble both laid in a chevron pattern. The main room features wide windows and is characterised by geometric installations that decorate the walls. Sophisticated frames in silver brass, set on peach blossom marble platforms, enclose displays dressed in velvet with brass and silver profiles. Briar-root panels adorn the walls and are alternated with vertical mirrors that multiply the light. The peach blossom marble ‘Eccentrico’ table from the designer Angelo Mangiarotti, and velvet day beds in shades of petroleum and brown complete the space.  A passageway finished in brown chocolate marble with two recesses decorated in silver wallpaper and glass shelves with silver profiles leads the way to the next room. Dedicated to the most exclusive collections. The room features walls dressed in velvet and two recesses crafted from briar-root and a silver brass structure, that houses the shoes. The room is finished with the luxurious velvet seats and a silk rug.

Thanks to the captivating atmosphere created by the elegant details, the Casadei boutique becomes the perfect location for the brand’s creations.

On the occasion of the London store opening Casadei has unveiled the video ‘Desire Lines’, created exclusively for the inauguration, with the duo Say Lou Lou.  Directed by the filmmaker Sue de Beer, the video is inspired by the spring/summer 2017 collection of Casadei, evoking the crystallised essence of the 1980s. At the same time ‘Desire Lines’ reflects the music theme, key element of the brand’s aesthetic and great passion of Cesare Casadei. The creative director has chosen the electropop singers Miranda and Elektra Kilbey to wear distinctive styles of Casadei’s new summer collection, which will be available as preview at the flagship store in the Mayfair District.


Capsule Collection ‘See Now Buy Now’

CASADEI CHAIN, the see now buy now capsule collection, reinterprets the Casadei chain logo with a 3D effect. The brand new style, presented during S/S 2017 Milan Fashion Week, is available in Casadei boutiques and on the e-commerce website,

The CASADEI CHAIN capsule collection is defined by the iconic chain mounted onto the chrome mirrored square heel which provides pumps and low cut boots with a unique flare.