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Services will be available
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For Fall Winter 2017/18, Casadei interprets its aesthetic and DNA even stronger and in an even more topical way, bringing together distant, at times impossible worlds, and making them real, desirable and contemporary with new creations.

“With the Fall Winter Collection I wanted to celebrate the Casadei luxury heritage bridging past and future through simple styles adorned with opulent detailing as the Byzantium heel, a jewel “par excellence” inspired by the royal crowns from the Byzantine era” - CESARE CASADEI


Minimalist and maximalist. Two opposites that are reconciled, a special soft and luminous velvet, a memory of the clean and sleek lines of the 1990s, is enriched with gem details, real Byzantine crowns that embellish high and low chunky heels. Rubies, emeralds and sapphires mark every step, giving richness and history. At the same time, severe-looking moccasins and boots are lit up on the contrary by gilt or burnished buckles which recall the belts of the rock stars of the 1980s. It is an imaginary stage where antithetical aesthetics converge.


Dark atmospheres, drawn in the style of Sin City. The evocations of the video Frozen by Madonna. And the dark side of the superheroes of Gotham City. The whole of the dark repertoire is reinterpreted in its opposite, meaning in the daytime. The fundamental point is the archetype of the black leather perfecto jacket, the mythical ‘biker’s jacket’ of the contemporary wardrobe which becomes boot, ankle boot and pump with a zip to open and close to outline an authoritative and personal look. Everything fits like a second skin. And the blade heel gives an even stronger attitude in the Techno-Blade version.


Cortina, Cervinia, Madonna di Campiglio: the historical and inimitable aesthetic of the skiing resorts in the Italian Alps becomes boots, ankle boots and sneakers. Everything is reversible, with an effect of layering that annuls the difference between interior and exterior. Fur, shearling and suede contaminate every creation. Every piece of footwear combines hi-tech finishes from the mountains and decoration from the great winter tradition. It is Italian techno-glamour taken to its highest expression.


Milan, 1st April 2017 - Casadei has the pleasure to announce the opening of the first concession in La Rinascente Milano Piazza Duomo.

A 25 sqm corner located at the luxury shoes level, repro­posing the cozy and elegant atmosphere of the brand’s new store concept unveiled in Rome, Milan and recently in London Mayfair.

Velvet chairs in elegant peackok shade become together with brass, briar- root and plexi furniture the perfect showcase for the Casadei creations.

Cesare Casadei, creative director of the brand, has worked in collaboration with the architect Marco Costanzi, to create a space that holds the special characteristics of Casadei creations: the innovation in the design, the research of the material and the craft of seduction, where each model brings the Made in Italy label to the highest level of manufacturing.

"Today shopping is a multisensory experience. The dynamism of the forms, the maniacal research of characterising details and the harmonisation of precious materials make the Casadei spaces a place where you can feel comfortable like you are at home. And a hoe you go back to every day, says Cesare."


NEW YORK, JULY 2017 - Casadei is pleased to unveil the opening of a new showroom in New York on 57th Street, in collaboration with the renowned Peter Marcus Group.

The room is personalized with metal detailing and contemporary furnishings, thought to enhance the Casadei collections in a cozy and refined atmosphere.

The initiative is the natural evolution of a retail expansion strategy started in 2015 with the openings of boutiques at the Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina in Rome and on Via Sant’ Andrea in Milan, with the most recent store openings in Mayfair, London and La Rinascente in Milan. The future includes continuous international growth, including the opening of a corner at La Rinascente in Rome in October 2017, and an expansion into China in 2018.

"Indeed New York is a key window for the evolution of our business. On top of this, as a creative and a dreamer, I wanted to create a new version of the traditional showroom. Not only a display of the latest collections but also a place for social gathering to channel the immense energy of this city into a creative process. A “ Salotto Italiano” to stop and share passions, ideas, and projects.” Cesare Casadei, Creative Director.