Fall Winter 2023 Collection

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The essence of Casadei in one click:
get inspired by images of celebrities and influencers,
who wear our iconic models on the most important red carpets.

From fashion to music and film, our creations give the outfits
of these stars a glamorous allure that makes them unique.

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Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde

Paris, September 2023

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In un viaggio temporale tra passato e presente, fra reale e fantascienza, la ricerca di uno stile techwear urbano si estende ad una serie di calzature ibride: stivaletti stretch dallo stile metropolitano si trasformano in instant cult grazie al dirompente MAXXXI fondo in gomma extralight. L’imponente suola con innesto di texture stratificate rende MAXXXI protagonista assoluto di un look cyberpunk, fra high-tech e pop underground.

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We interpret fashion through the uniqueness of our models. Each new collection offers an aesthetic route through lines, colors and exclusively produced special materials. The Casadei shoe is not only an accessory to wear, but a thrilling shape to touch and see. A special shoe that makes a special Woman. Join our world.

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