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Thirty years ago Cesare Casadei made his debut as creative director of his family’s brand, which was successfully established by his parents in the late Fifties. At that time, Casadei was considered a brand offering shoes for “special occasions”. Then Cesare came: a forward-thinking young man who guiding the brand into the future introduced clean and sharp lines.

He kicked off a new era for Casadei, where a certain chic bon ton met Nineties’ sexy and slick glamour. That discipline, infused with a purity influenced by the brand’s signature sensuality, inspires the new FW 2020 collection. It’s not about a comeback to minimalism, - Casadei doesn’t love nostalgia, - but it’s an emotional re-discovery of essentiality: we all need that after the past decade’s flamboyancy.

The FW 2020 collection is centered on styles showing a distinctive feature: formal purity and clean design. These are obtained through the brand’s signature technical and artisanal expertise and are peppered by touches highlighting the shoes’ luxury and unique spirit. Eye-catching details put the focus on the brand’s identity: the C-Chain, the new logo engraved on the soles or set like a jewel in the shoe, is the new manifesto of the Casadei way of thinking.

This attitude is embodied for example by a stretch suede ankle boot worked in a vibrant evening blue tone. With its dark gray heel, embellished with a C-Chain jewel in multicolor rhinestones, it sums up this luxurious and minimal spirit. Clean yet sharp, pumps and ankle boots show bias cut revealing some skin for asymmetric cuts inspired by contemporary architecture. Silver and metallic metallic leather is combined with black and white or soft suede inserts. In these styles, a part of the foot is naked, the other is dressed with sophistication: a seductive contrast echoing the atmosphere created by Helmut Newton in his images.

Sexy and sharp, booties and hugging boots are crafted from stretch materials, showing smooth or hyper comfortable quilted textures. They are like gloves, dynamic and delicate: like the women of today, who wear their heels in their morning and keep them the all day, from 9 am to 9 pm. The design of this line exudes pure beauty thanks to the studied constructions and the Casadei’ signature precious details, including the Blade heel or the C-Chain symbol, highlighting the identity of the brand while celebrating the Nineties’ sharp vision.

Clean lines are matched with an attentive research for special details and experimentation, as highlighted by a range of high boots and ankle boots showing precise laser inserts creating a lace-like effect on double suede and leather. The attitude is romantic and precious, while lines exude dynamism thanks to the bias-cut toe. The cowgirl boot has a Cuban heel embossed with the C-Chain logo for women who are meant to leave a special mark.

Telegraphing effortless elegance, some styles, featuring a distinctive stiletto heel, plays with cutouts transforming booties in sandals. In particular, the must-have style of the season is a suede bootie showing sinuous, intriguing cuts inspired by Eyes Wide Shut’s masks. These designs leave the toe-cleavage naked for an extremely sensuality, further exalted by the slick Blade heel. Capturing the attention, a pump features two soft leather wings delicately hugging the ankle for a formal purity that Casadei combines with the essentiality of a killer heel.

Mules, slippers and asymmetric pumps, crafted from velvet in outstanding tones of red, dark blue and black, are injected with a regal attitude. Featuring essential lines, their are enriched with multicolor rhinestone studs in a palette matching the shades of velvet. A cozy idea of luxury, a sophisticated glamour, showing a brightness recalling the glasses of Chartres’ cathedral.

In addition, as the popular song says, “There’s no mountain high enough,” Casadei unveils a group designed for women who are meant to climb all the peaks, including those of urban skyscrapers. Inspired by hunting and fishing technical shoes, active yet very sophisticated booties and over-the-knee boots are crafted from stretch suede and leather combined with rubber. Cool and lightweight, these boots become hyper luxurious thanks to the glossy effects, the laced-up details and the high heels. The unmissable style for next winter.


A link, becoming the symbol of a story. The story of a family which from a small town in the Romagna region did a long journey. A story deeply rooted in the artisanal tradition and which found the way to make people dream allover the world. A chain of ideas, which enters 2020 with a big, rich heritage.

February 2020, Milan Fashion Week: Casadei launches C-Chain, a graphic symbol with two upside-down Cs, linked by a ring to create an ideally infinite chain. A jewel-like aesthetic embellishment, which the brand uses to decorate the heels of its new styles. A symbol also peppering the soles: to leave a unique mark saying “A Casadei woman was here."

Cesare Casadei, the flamboyant designer who inherited the family’s company and dressed the fashion and entertainment divas with the label’s creations, describes the spirit of the new trademark:

“If in the past I thought that the Blade heel was our distinctive mark, now I believe that the CChain can become our symbol. Our trace. The chain has always been a graphic element which I included in my sketches, but it’s also a symbol of what links us to our customers. It’s the chain of our DNA, it’s the lucky chain of events, stories and emotions which brought us here."
Over the years, several Casadei shoes featured the chain symbol, as a quilted embroidery, a jewel toe cap, a heel enriched with a gold chain. The chain first debuted in the Nineties, when a gold chained detail was applied on the period’s rigorous heels exuding slick elegance. In the 2010s, many flashy chains embellished black or multicolor vinyl heels, adding a feminine yet audacious touch, reflecting the spirit of the millenium’s women.

The chain definitely becomes a distinctive feature: on the more quotidian shoes and on the sneakers, but also on the sumptuous haute couture heel, where it almost overshadows the skyscraper-like height. Engraved, embroidered, colored, shining with multicolor crystals, treated like a fabrics, or effortlessly placed on the toe of a boot designed for urban horsewomen, the chain is a beloved Casadei symbol.

An irresistible “chain reaction. Like a never-ending story. An Italian story made of craftsmanship and luxury, proudly rooted into its legacy. Linked, like an imaginative chain of values and memories, to its nature. What better symbol then the C-Chain, with its bold look crafted by skilled hands?

A sexy, powerful, solid trademark: two hugging Cs creating one symbol. A distintive feature. A family crest. The crest of the Casadei family.


You are invited to the Casadei Ethical Society: a visionary private members’s club (but here, the more we are, the better it is), where we discuss social changes, work ethics, new resour- ces, a new way of creating beauty. In this society, Casadei launches its Artisanal Collection, developed with Ethical Fashion Initiative (EFI), a program of the International Trade Center - a joint agency of the United Nations and World Trade Organisation.

EFI promotes sustainable fashion, supports the artisanal work of communities from develo- ping countries and connects big names of the fashion system with local entities, boosting an important virtuous circle.

In particular, Casadei chose to produce a “sartorial” capsule of nine styles from the Spring/ Summer 2020 using fabrics woven by women in Burkina Faso, one of the biggest producers of African cotton which has an important heritage in artisanal weaving.

Each style, which can be purchased on request online only, shows a burkinabé fabric for a mix of cultures and know-hows, customized insoles, as well as a special heel, featuring gold, mosaic and bark finishings. The textile ateliers involved in the project employ mostly women , and manufacture the traditional vibrant “Faso Danfani”, a striped or checkered fabric, highly appreciated by inter- national designers.

The textile factories in that area, which employ women only, manufacture the typical vibrant “Faso Danfani”, a striped or checkered fabric, highly appreciated by international designers. The ambience where the capsule collection is presented reflects the mix of ethic and aesthe- tic: a chic club, where furniture, lamps and capitals are crafted from eco friendly pressed cardboard, the wicker floor is embellished with graphic drawings by Italian illustrator Chiara Guidi while the cushions on the seats are crafted in Burkina Faso. “When my father established the company in 1958, he invested in our territory setting the Made In Italy has the founding value of the brand, creating jobs and boosting the proliferation of specialized factories. Working with those women in Burkina Faso, I fell in love with their exquisite craftsmanship. I always believed in the beauty of the made by hand. And, even if we are a company producing in Italy, we are “creative wanderers” scouting new excellent sup- pliers across the world. This project developed in EFI guarantees excellence and features an ethical spirit,” says Cesare Casadei.


For the Ethical Fashion Initiative, lifestyle choices impact livelihoods. EFI creates and stren- gthens social enterprises in emerging economies to connect discerning international brands in fashion, interiors and fine foods with talented local designers, artisans and micro-produ- cers. Savvy investors, pro-poor champions and mindful consumers find value in a virtuo- us circle that creates not just premium products, but also stable, dignified work, and creative and resilient women, men and communities.

In Burkina Faso, EFI focuses on the artisanal weaving supply chain, from cotton ginning to crafting finished products. Ouagadougou-based social enterprise, Commerce et Artisanat pour le Bien-Être Social (CABES) manages a network of ateliers and exports artisanal textiles. EFI training strengthens ateliers to deliver high-quality products and fulfil orders consistent- ly, meeting and exceeding market expectations. Customers acquiring these beautiful, artisa- nal products made from locally-sourced materials have the added satisfaction of knowing that their purchase improves the livelihoods of artisans through fair and dignified work.

The Ethical Fashion Initiative is a flagship programme of the International Trade Centre, a joint agency of the United Nations and the World Trade Organisation. EFI projects in West Africa are funded by the European Union Emergency Trust Fund for Africa.


Welcome to the Casadei Bazar, a cabinet of curiosities filled with treasures and souvenirs collected along adventurous journeys, memories of African sunsets or dawns on the Bosphorus. The Casadei Spring/Summer 2020 collection is a wunderkammer, where the Casadei woman can find all her favorites: slippers embellished with gold studs, gems and intarsia exuding effortless elegance; sandals and mules showing maxi rhinestone straps, giving a twist to icons; Queen of Sheba-inspired sexy pumps splashed with animal prints.

Bamboo, leather, rafia and bijoux are mixed and matched for a multifaceted idea of beauty, reflecting the diversity of today’s women, who are brave enough to break established rules, such as “flats for day, hells for night.”

Bamboo, leather, rafia and bijoux are mixed and matched for a multifaceted idea of beauty, reflecting the diversity of today’s women, who are brave enough to break established rules, such as “flats for day, hells for night.”
Some sandals, embellished by intarsia, are inspired by Masai shields - for beauty warriors, - while other styles sporting high heels, platforms and wedges are covered with wicker, an iconic material echoing vintage exotic vibes. Covered with soft interwoven leather, the ring sandal is very feminine, flashy and irresistible with its hues inspired by a sunset on the Serengeti. These are styles designed for a sensual, elegant lifestyle, where people dance at the rhythm of conga drums, drinking to glamorous nights. Perhaps, waiting for the sunrise at the Burning Man in cut-out boots with chunky soles.
Casadei creates a new code, rooted in fluid sensibility, fitting the spirit of the women of today, who are actively involved in causes, love to travel, are cultured and fun at the same time. They are aware. They love fashion but they also care about quality. They can recognize true luxury - special and long-lasting. They actually desire luxury objects that they can pass down through generations.

The magic vibe, making the treasure of this bazar sparkle, sits in the heritage of an Italian brand, which since 1958 has been offered products exquisitely made by hand with love. A brand which works with passion to create international successes and which deeply respects the artisans working in the little town of San Mauro Pascoli, in the Rimini area. A footwear label with that passion for manufacturing and tradition promoted by its founder, Quinto Casadei, and which still resonate in every creation designed by his son Cesare Casadei. Today, this approach, aimed at offering beautifully made, long-lasting products, reflects an honest idea of sustainability. No waist, just beauty.


Celestial or more muted, with an urban edge or boasting more artistic touches: a bright glow infuses Casadei’s artisan craftsmanship with sparkle and innovation, to create truly unforgettable footwear.

Cesare Casadei’s creative inspiration yields unexpected results. Reinterpreting modern and timeless artistic styles, for the upcoming Fall 19/20 season, our most sought-after pieces are back, boasting seductive designs and alluring details.

A striking, much-loved motif that emerged during the Swinging Sixties in London takes centre stage: the snakeskin print is back, without the use of exotic leathers. Innovative craftsmanship has transformed it, giving it a lovely 3D feel and texture. Available in shades of gray and Sahara sand, the Carnaby Street designs also feature delicate pink, sky-blue and asphalt-gray brushstrokes to produce a sumptuously feminine optical effect.

While it’s true that beauty breaks through darkness, the rumbles of the night make our Nico loafers stand out from the crowd. They have been redesigned to pay homage to The Velvet Underground, with sharp pointed toes offset against chunky yet stylishly rhythmic curved heels (other versions feature metallic heels). Inspired by insights into modern trends, the brand has also created two different versions of the Nico model with unique polished finishes: subtle metallic pigments give wild animal motifs a glamorous edge.

Obscure beams of light define 90s-style footwear. Inspired by the works of Garouste and Bonetti, they feature golden/metallic parts accentuated by black Lycra jersey to create a lovely two-tone effect: shoes that envelop the wearer’s feet with sharp lines that flow beautifully at the same time.

Featuring a wide array of models, including boots, our Agyness Luxe range is characterised by all-new sparkling effects, echoing the galactic minimalism embodied by British model Agyness Deyn, an icon from the end of the last century. Her platinum-blond hair and light complexion served as inspiration for powdery glitter effects in shades of flaming pink, gold and silver.

With 60-mm gold and silver heels, toecaps encrusted with crystals and signature Casadei chains, each stride produces its own unique glimmer. Agyness pumps boast velvety suede textures offset by gold chains and matching gold toecaps for the ultimate fashion statement.

Our 3Tre range – named after Madonna di Campiglio’s notoriously difficult yet majestic ski slope – bring a star-like gleam. With three shades (silver, fuchsia and black), three abs hooks and three models with chunky, high rubber soles perfect for winter queens, these are much more than just another pair of boots.

Ankle boots and over-the-knee boots are destined for stars. Modern international fashion icon Elena Perminova, with her cheerful yet seductive allure, inspired our Lena models. All models feature bustier-like lace-up detailing offset by round maxi crystals that glow like stage lights.

Crazy Diamond styles capture the bright sparkle of a rainbow. Inspired by the colors of Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” album cover, each pump comes with a large, over-the-top emerald-like stone for an ultra-pop effect. From bright Traffic Red to Mistery Flame or hypnotic Royal Fizz yellow, each model subverts classic styles with bright, vibrant color.

“M'illumino d’immenso” (Immensity fills me with light) is a quote from poet Giuseppe Ungaretti, which inspired Cesare Casadei when designing his latest model: a pair of sandals peppered with real diamonds. For painter André Derain, light was fundamental to any painting, and for anyone born into a world of high heels and uppers, sparkling diamonds – running down to the ends in an unconventional way for the very first time here – are the ultimate finishing touch to make their work shine.

For a long time, Cesare tried to capture the precious glimmer that diamonds offer. Thanks to his unwavering commitment to research and innovation, he found someone capable of using diamond powder to create astonishing effects that are both delicate and unforgettable. Exploring new techniques led to the creation of our one-of-a-kind V Celebrity sandals with iconic Blade heels covered in 36-carat diamond powder for unrivalled sparkle. Delicate yet resistant, the diamond microgranules make the V Celebrity style the perfect model for collectors. They are made exclusively upon request in collaboration with a Vicenza-based goldsmith and come with a gemmological certificate and special packaging.


Milan, 12 October 2017 - Casadei is pleased to announce the opening of its second shop in shop in the Rinascente chain, in the new flagship store in Via Del Tritone, right in the heart of Rome, close to the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps.

Located on the floor dedicated to luxury footwear, the area seeks to mirror the engaging, elegant atmosphere of the brand's new store concept, inaugurated in Rome, Milan and Mayfair, London.

Furnishings in brass, polished steel, plexiglass and Fior di Pesco marble are teamed with myrtle burl wood and rich peacock blue velvet.

Cesare Casadei, creative director of the brand, has worked along with the architect Marco Costanzi to create a setting able to highlight the signature feature of Casadei creations: innovative design.

Carefully sourced materials and an exquisitely crafted, sensual style, with each model embodying the finest of Italian craftsmanship.

"Shopping today is an experience that engages all the senses: dynamic shapes, painstaking attention to detail and a smooth blend of the finest materials make Casadei settings a place where the customer can feel right at home. And home is the place we return to every day" - Cesare Casadei.


New York, July 2017 - Casadei is pleased to unveil the opening of a new showroom in New York on 57th Street, in collaboration with the renowned Peter Marcus Group.

The room is personalized with metal detailing and contemporary furnishings, thought to enhance the Casadei collections in a cozy and refined atmosphere.

The initiative is the natural evolution of a retail expansion strategy started in 2015 with the openings of boutiques at the Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina in Rome and on Via Sant’ Andrea in Milan, with the most recent store openings in Mayfair, London and La Rinascente in Milan. The future includes continuous international growth, including the opening of a corner at La Rinascente in Rome in October 2017, and an expansion into China in 2018.

"Indeed New York is a key window for the evolution of our business. On top of this, as a creative and a dreamer, I wanted to create a new version of the traditional showroom. Not only a display of the latest collections but also a place for social gathering to channel the immense energy of this city into a creative process. A “ Salotto Italiano” to stop and share passions, ideas, and projects.” - Cesare Casadei, Creative Director.